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"Bees and Flowers" Wendy Shaft Textile Designs Note Cards 2 each of 4

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In love with bees and all they do for our environment? Or know a gardener who just can’t stay away from flowers? Then look no further, this pack of note cards is for you!


This card pack features 4 Wendy Shaft original designs inspired by our favorite pollinator the bee and the flowers they are attracted to. You’ll receive 2 cards of each black, grey, yellow, and white designs, for a total of 8 blank cards — perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Thank You, or just ‘Thinking of You’.


The cards are 5.5” by 4.25” (standard A2 cards).


These 4 Wendy Shaft original surface designs or surface patterns are examples of her Half-Drop repeats. The artwork was originally hand-drawn with water color pencils then digitally placed. 


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